Your environmental and material testing lab

TEA AG in Wetzikon is staffed by an interdisciplinary laboratory team of engineers and technicians that specialise in testing products from the electronics and automotive engineering industry, the railway sector, consumer product and defence industry, and in helping our customers to develop, qualify and produce marketable and reliable products.


Testing Laboratory STS 0506 – ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

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Umweltprüfung - TEA AG in Wetzikon Environmental testing
  • Temperature/wet cycles, thermal shock
  • Salt spray, corrosion tests
  • Vibration, shock, acceleration, drops
  • IP testing
  • Transport simulation
  • Accredited type tests
Materialuntersuchung- TEA AG in Wetzikon Material testing
  • Material analysis, metallography (SEM-EDX)Tensile, pressure and hardness testing
  • X-ray examination
  • Corrosion, crack formation, fracture testing
  • Solderability testing
Helikopter - TEA AG in Wetzikon Engineering
  • Test strategy development
  • Fatigue tests, stress tests
  • Performance and analysis of accelerated life time tests for verification under load conditions
  • Failure and risk analyses, FMEA
  • Life time analyses, fire analyses
Pruefsysteme - TEA AG in Wetzikon Test systems
  • Design, specifications (mode of operation, life span)
  • Hardware and software implementation
  • Commissioning, maintenance
  • Test software development with LabVIEW™

We are an ISO/IEC 17025-accredited testing laboratory for environmental simulation and material testing